Ban Censorship

Censorship and bans against debate don’t belong in a democracy.  Liberalism shouldn’t support censorship. The term misinformation is even being misused. It’s now used to express something someone doesn’t like and doesn’t want to properly address or debate. Some just want to dismiss something outright by calling it a lie or misinformation. Dismissal is not rebuttal. Those who are afraid of the light, want to keep everyone else in the dark. And there are reasons for this: political and financial, usually. Who profits?

In the case of vaccines, for example, profits always go the pharmaceutical companies, patent and stock holders. Even the FDA profits through “fees” collected from the companies themselves and by NOT having disinterested third-parties do proper vetting of applications for drug approval.

Books shouldn’t be banned. They should be read and discussed. If you don’t like the subject matter of a book, don’t read it. Same goes for movies, podcasts and the like. Stay home; don’t listen; change the channel. No one is forcing you to do anything so stop trying to force your narrow views on everyone else.

A free society requires free thinkers to rise up and say ‘NO’ to censorship. It is bad for democracy.

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