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Robo-Tot XL, a.k.a. “Rolley”, is a toddler-sized worker robot that gets no respect around NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory. After a scientist mistakenly punches in the wrong destination code, Rolley accidentally gets blasted away on a crew-less exploratory mission to Mars. The little robot soon discovers that the Red Planet has a lot more going on than we earthlings think, including a magical Martian underworld and a beastly beast on the surface. Will Rolley survive or be eaten “alive”? Monster on Mars is a fun story for the whole family.

Targeted Age Group:: 9-to-adult

What Inspired You to Write Your Book? “Monster on Mars” was originally conceived and written as a screenplay for an animated feature film. I then decided to adapt it as a novelette because I had been told that animated scripts are very hard to get sold and produced as mainstream animation companies do their own in-house projects. I hope people enjoy my story.

How Did You Come up With Your Characters?
My characters seem to be rummaging around in my head, in one form or another, long before they are committed to paper, so to speak. Otherwise, I have absolutely no idea. It’s quite possible I’ve lived many lives before and they are all people/creatures I’ve known in another life.

Book Sample: “Monster on Mars” Prologue
Mars is called the “Red Planet”. But that’s only because the ancient Romans named it for their god of war since its color reminded them of blood. Little did they know, that one day in the far off future, people would be intent on visiting and even settling there for no logical reason.
Mars is the fourth planet from our Sun and the second-smallest planet in our Solar System. Mercury wins for being the tiniest. Pluto, which was actually the smallest, was kicked out of the club some years back. Some jokers at the International Astronomical Union claimed it wasn’t a planet after all but rather some kind of dwarf planet. Which is really ridiculous considering the fact that they’re still referring to it as “planet”, dwarf or not. But no matter, this is not a story about Pluto, so forget I even mentioned it.
Mars is roughly 228 kilometers or 142-million miles from our Sun so it’s quite cold at a frigid 63-C degrees or 81.4 F below zero so even extra socks aren’t going to help. And with the air largely made up of carbon dioxide, the stuff we exhale, you’d need some heavy duty oxygen tanks to get around. So let’s just say it’s a bit crazy for humans to think going to Mars, let alone establishing a colony there, is a sparkling idea. Nevertheless, space agencies and private corporations worldwide have it their minds to set up camp where no human has gone before.
Unmanned missions started back in 1960 and some people think we’ll be dune-buggying around Martian town by 2030. Considering we still can’t figure out what’s the best diet for us at this late stage in our existence, I have to believe that Mars is just a pipe dream that’s best left in the nether regions of our sleepy heads. Of course, I could be wrong. You never want to say never because as soon as you do, things change.
Yet, Mars is still rather nifty. It’s got volcanoes, hills, craters, water under the surface and two moons!
Scientists say they don’t expect to find living things currently on Mars but, as you’re about to learn, they are very, very wrong.

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All information was provided by the author and not edited by us. This is so you get to know the author better.

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