Bionic is home base for some of Ginger Marin’s news articles, stories, general observations, website content and editorials.  However, the items included in the web content category are by no means inclusive of everything I’ve produced for internet websites over the years, including health and education articles.

gm_business_theatrical-copyBIO: Ginger Marin is an Actor/writer with stage and screen credentials. As a former TV news producer/writer,  she’s written for a variety of network news shows.  In the past number of years, she’s worked as a freelance writer, co-authoring seven screenplays and has written numerous short stories, editorials and content for the web.  

Please note that most of the posts on this site dated September 2012 (web content and editorials) were transferred over from my original website ( which was not a blog site at that time) so those dates don’t reflect when the articles were actually written. They’re kind of old now.

LEGAL BLOG POSTS are correctly dated.  I added the legal blog after I was deposed in my lawsuit against big bully banks. In fact, it was the attorneys who gave me the idea to do this – probably so they could complain about it later.  I did name names originally, but in Feb. 2013, I was asked to delete the guilty parties’ names so they go could about their business as usual screwing people over.   The attorneys, the defendants and the mediator Judge were all happy and sent me a large fruit basket.

Any editorials after October 2012 will be current.

Ginger Marin author: Adventures in Avalon: An Offbeat & Quirky Adult Bedtime Story – Intrepid ace reporter Ginger Marin discovers a lost civilization of cartoon people living in Middle America, in a town called Avalon in the County of Ligature-Upon-Avon … one of those quaint little communities that is somewhat lost in American space, neither here nor there but definitely somewhere. 
Her dispatches from the front lines will thrill and excite you as she describes all the crazy things cartoon people do when they think no one’s watching.

Ginger Marin: Co-author:  THE 231 CLUB: My Ten Year Journey From Therapist to CIA Courier and Sanctioned Kills – A True Story – available for sale at

Ginger Marin’s Website. To learn about her acting, visit Ginger Marin’s IMDB page.

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