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New Book Release From Ginger Marin

“Adventures in Avalon: An Offbeat & Quirky Adult Bedtime Story” by Ginger Marin was published in paperback on June 24, 2016. The book is also available in Kindle Format and it can be read for free via KindleUnlimited. Click the link to go straight to the Amazon sales page.


Description:  Intrepid reporter Ginger Marin discovers a lost civilization of cartoon people living in Middle America, in a town called Avalon in the County of Ligature-Upon-Avon … one of those quaint little communities that is somewhat lost in American space, neither here nor there but definitely somewhere.

Her dispatches from the front lines will thrill and excite you as she describes all the crazy things cartoon people do when they think no one’s watching. You’ll read the fascinating, slightly raunchy, true tales of the Avalon Defense Department (a.k.a. police department) where rock star police detective General Schnitzkof, a former British officer, and his trusted assistant, rookie cop WingWing, a rotund little dumpling of a “lad”, solve some of the town’s most absurd crimes such as these: “The Case of the Missing Member or How John Sir Gwaine Bobolini Lost One of His Family Jewels and How He Recovered It … Well Sort Of”, “The Case of the Missing Haunted Mobile Home” and last, but certainly not least, “The Cream Puff Caper”, where you’ll meet some of Avalon’s worst offenders like that pervert Mr. Parabolikos and murderous old lady Wiggins.

Ginger Marin is an actor-writer living in Los Angeles. For information about her acting credits, please visit Ginger’s IMDB Page.  Also follow Ginger Marin on Goodreads.

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Adventures In Avalon

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Free Kindle Book: The 231 Club

FREE CIA MEMOIR E-BOOK TODAY.The 231 Club: My Ten Year Journey From Therapist to CIA Courier and Sanctioned Kills – A True Story” by J Bartell with Ginger Marin.  This book about CIA black ops covert operations discusses aspects of J Bartell’s life, first as a therapist, then as a courier for the CIA and beyond to covert ops.  It has been well received on Amazon.  We look forward to offering a free book today.  If you have KindleUnlimited, it’s free everyday!

The 231 Club Book Cover


What people have said about “The 231 Club“: Here are some EXCERPTS of reviews:

“The 231 Club is an interesting and well told story about how one man became a subcontractor for the CIA during the late 1970s when the organization based many of its operations in Central and South America. As J Bartell tells it, this is not a story that discusses statistics and details but rather one that explores emotions and circumstances. It really reads like an exciting adventure tale.”

“The “231 Club” is an almost unbelievable story…how could this stuff be true? But, it is a great example of how truth really can be stranger than fiction. The author describes activities and scenes from his past as a CIA black operations contractor; and these stories will make your head shake and your stomach curl. His style is direct, first person and clear as a bell; he was instructed to “take out” these people by the US government in the crazy cold war days, and his team did just that in various countries and in various ways.”

“Forcefully written and easy to read, The 231 Club still left me with conflicting emotions of sadness that J went through this ordeal for so many years but, at the same time, relieved that I now know what happened to him.”

“It is rare for me to start a book and read the whole story in one sitting, but I could not put this one down. I was so amazed that a licensed psychotherapist and hypnotherapist, who was so successful at helping people, became a sanctioned assassin, that I purchased a book for myself and a 2nd one for loan. This memoir is a fascinating and probably a very honest account of the author’s experiences and how they altered his entire life. I rate this book a 5+++++. It is not only a very action filled story, but it made me look at the fact that the choices that we make in our lives affect our very souls.”


Visit Ginger’s Website

Ginger Marin Co-Author of The 231 Club

The 231 Club Book Cover

For The 231 Club, a New CIA Memoir, It’s About the Thought Process Behind the Path To the Unknown

The Journey From Therapist to CIA Courier and Sanctioned Kills

LOS ANGELES:  After a successful therapist is recruited to become a courier for the CIA, his ordered world descends down a dark path leading to sanctioned kills and questioned loyalties, forever altering his concept of self and country.  This is the true story of J Bartell in a newly published book by Bijou Entertainment.

The 231 Club encompasses intriguing personalities, an examination of the psyche behind the storyteller, exciting and unique espionage adventures at a time when wits were at play more than gadgets. It dissects how one man with a great career and fulfilling life takes a radical detour which turns his whole world upside down.

J Bartell was an instructor, lecturer and chief of staff of a large California-based therapy institute whose clients included people from all walks of life. But it was his worldwide travels on behalf of affluent clients, including heads-of-state, that put him on the radar of the CIA.

What started out as simple courier work eventually lead to J Bartell becoming part of a small group that handled off-book assignments, meaning no record, so there’s plausible deniability.

The group, an extension of the CIA’s black ops division referred to as Executive Action which was created in the 1950s, consisted of Bartell, his CIA handler Chauncey Holt and former U.S. Marine, Michael Harries, best known for having created the famous Harries Flashlight Technique used by law enforcement around the world for handling arms in low-light conditions.

What’s interesting about J Bartell’s decision to move forward was how he explored his options and even thought about the importance of the work and how it could possibly affect people’s lives if he didn’t act to help rid the world of “bad guys”.

As a result of his increased involvement, Bartell experienced everything from weapons deals and covert training missions to helping ruthless killers, hiding behind positions of power, get their due.

On the subject of his black ops assignments, J was previously interviewed by award winning investigative reporter Judd McIlvain, a winner of eight golden mike awards and two Emmy Awards and award winning investigative journalist/crime reporter Peter R. de Vries of the Netherlands.

The significance of the book’s title is that once J Bartell becomes truly engaged in black ops, his handler Chauncey Holt welcomed him into The 231 Club — 231 being the name of the gun powder for their weapon of choice, the 45 caliber Colt 1911.

J Bartell wrote The 231 Club with Ginger Marin, a former writer/producer with NBC News, New York.  Read more at

Watch video interviews by author J Bartell by visiting his YouTube Channel.

Visit Ginger Marin’s Author Page on AMAZON.COM

Lotta Reviews: Movie Reviews Site

Drawing attention to my movie reviews archive site LOTTA REVIEWS where I’ve picked up writing reviews again for some select films.

Recent reviews include the beautifully written The Words with Bradley Cooper, Dennis Quaid and Jeremy Irons; Words and Pictures with the fabulous Clive Owen and Juliette Binoche; Nightcrawler well done with Jake Gyllenhaal; The Theory of Everything with the astounding Eddie Redmayne (must see!), The Judge, a terrific drama with Robert Downey Jr and Robert Duvall; Edge of Tomorrow  a terrific action film with Tom Cruise and Emily Blunt, The Rover a good character study starring the inimitable Guy Pearce with Robert Pattinson; Gone Girl with Ben Affleck and Rosamund Pike.  Please have a look around the site.

By Ginger Marin. To learn about her acting, visit Ginger Marin’s IMDB page.

Lawyers Commit Suicide

by Ginger Marin

This morning, CNN ran a report about a plethora of attorney suicides.  They’re apparently #4 on the list of professionals who commit suicide the most.  Although the report highlighted a bunch of lawyers in Kentucky, it did state that, in general, stress was the cause because their profession deals with so much conflict.  The report forgot to mention lying and cheating (theirs).  Maybe they commit suicide because they can’t stand looking at themselves in the mirror anymore.

I’d like to say I feel sorry for them but I don’t.  I think more of them should bite the bullet.  Maybe the entire profession would go away and only people/companies that represent themselves would be allowed in court.    I also think judges should hop on that bandwagon, preferably starting with those Supreme Court bumblers, and of course Dagger Lady Judge, the highlight of my Big Bully Bank Case, may she R.I.P … well, maybe not so peacefully.

Author Ginger Marin is an actor, freelance writer and storyteller.  You can also find her on Google+

Law & Lawyers: What a Scam

“As more and more of our people devoted themselves to the law, the law had to become more complex to justify them all.” – This quote comes from an episode of the sci-fi TV Show “Farscape”  (on air in the year 2000) in which an alien described his planet’s perverted legal system.

Shit, even aliens and entertainment writers know that the legal profession is a perverted contrivance designed to efficiently aggravate people and situations and penalize those who can least afford to pay.

Author Ginger Marin is an actor, freelance writer and storyteller.  You can also find her on Google+

Big Bully Bank Case: Part 13: Complaint Against Judge

On April 2, 2013, I filed a complaint against dagger lady judge with the Commission on Judicial Performance.  Not that I expected anything to come of it, of course, but because it was something that I really felt needed to be done.  That judge was so prejudiced against self-represented parties that I simply had to say something.  In my complaint,  I also cited her refusal to order multiple sanctions against all the defaulting attorneys.

The Commission’s response came on May 18th saying that the judge can do whatever the fuck she pleases.

So why did I, as a self-represented party, have to jump through hoops to follow the court’s bullshit rules and the attorneys didn’t?  Because the whole system is stacked against us.  Judges and attorneys despise us.  Well, the feeling’s mutual.  It’s not the jury that’s rigged.  It’s the legal system.

Starting this past April, courts have been closing down and hours shortened all around the state over the latest “budget crisis”.    The courts claim they simply don’t have the money to operate.  That’s because the judges don’t collect fees from the super rich DEFAULTING ATTORNEYS OF THE BIG BULLY BANKS AND THEIR GOOSE STEPPING GOONS.  Insurance company law firms are earning a bundle from the big bully banks that have ruined our country and clogged the legal system with their fraudulent foreclosures.

The attorney for the two defendant big bully banks in my case, who was hired to mash me into the ground after the banks’ phase 1  attorneys couldn’t get rid of me, told the mediator judge to make sure that I knew that his services cost $90,000.  I think he was on the case for approximately six months.  His fees were over twice as much as the other insurance company attorneys for the banks’ goose stepping goons who were in it from the start.  They too insisted that the mediator judge spill the beans on their ludicrous fees so that I’d shiver in my boots and fold like a limp dick.

Bank whores, that’s what they all are, including dagger lady judge.  They have no self respect so they surely deserve no respect from the rest of us.

Author Ginger Marin is an actor, freelance writer and storyteller.  You can also find her on Google+

Big Bully Bank Case: Part 12: Final Observations

On March 22 we headed back to court for a final appearance before dagger lady judge to tell her that we’ve all done our parts  to conclude the case.  Except, not everyone did his/her part.  The slimy stooge of a realtor and her peacock-strutting, bombastic, blithering, brain dead bozo attorney absolutely refused to abide by the settlement terms.

I made sure the judge knew that he was the same jerk who flouted the rules of court by not even filing the mandatory settlement conference brief which was required five days before the hearing on January 25th.  But, just as predicted, dagger lady judge refused to order sanctions against him.  What the hell does it take for an attorney to get bitch-slapped by that bitch?  She just about laughed in my face when I brought up the subject of  his infractions.  All she wanted to do was to shove us out the door as quickly as possible.  The only reason the case is over is because another defendant’s attorney picked up the slack to resolve the issue.  Dagger lady wasn’t impressed.

MSC Briefs

The attorney for the property management company filed his  brief two days before the Jan. 25th hearing and the big bully banks, who were still defendants at the time it was due, simply couldn’t be bothered to follow the law (again).  They sent theirs in the day before the hearing.   Not one of them got so much as a harsh word either from the mediation judge or dagger lady.  It’s as if the infractions never happened.  Meanwhile, dagger lady previously gave me her song and dance routine about her needing to “follow the law” when she so cavalierly ruled against me in all those summary judgment motions.  I heard her warn another pro per to “follow the law” as that poor woman headed toward trial.  This judge’s disdain of self-represented parties is so transparent.  Such a pathetic hypocrite.

Mr. Blockhead, the bozo attorney is also the one who allowed his realtor-client to use his Bar number and pass herself off as an attorney when she filed a TRO against my co-plaintiff because he sent her some mail.   The realtor also refused to accept certified mail court documents from us when she was, for a short time, acting on her own behalf, and legally obligated to receive them.

Dealing with these dynamic duo-duds was like being trapped in a clown car.  “Dumb and Dumber” on steroids.  At least I knew where the other defendants and their attorneys stood, like Al Pacino in “Scarface”, whipping out their “little friend” to shoot me in the back, over and over again.  I kept getting back up, like “The Terminator” … or “Rocky”.  But alas, now I shall walk not so silently into the sunset … after a few more paragraphs.

Depo Take 2

Right before our Mandatory Settlement Conference on January 25, 2013, the attorney for the property management company I’ve affectionately termed “PMS”, ordered a deposition for a consumer reporter who had tried to help us after the attempted break-in/threats by the local trash-out company his clients hired.  Not that the reporter had any relevant information to provide, but simply because he was another person they could abuse with their bullshit bullying tactics.   And, of course, when one attorney calls a depo, all the other lawyers flock to it like the vultures they are to take stabs at the poor deponent.

“Rules Are made to be Broken”
I’m guessing the first person who came up with that line was an attorney.  Violating the settlement, no MSC Briefs, Discovery abuses, no responses to Meet & and Confer letters through aggressive stupidity and inability to understand the English language.  Imagine an attorney who claims not to understand the term “legal” and a realtor who can’t comprehend the word “foreclosed”.

There was so much wrong about the circumstances in our case and so much harm caused to me, but it didn’t mean anything in the long run.  The courts don’t give a rat’s ass about the truth.  I wonder who came up with the phrase “rat’s ass”.  I mean I wouldn’t want anything to do with a “rat’s ass” whether truth was involved or not.  Speaking of a rat’s ass, I would be inclined to allow dagger lady judge to enjoy the company of one in a locked cage for 20-to-life.

I’m having a supply of voodoo dolls made up for each of the defendants and their attorneys.  I’ve “independently contracted” with a Haitian group in Miami to represent my interests and send out the voodoo dolls.  That way I won’t be held liable if some horrible accident befalls any of them.  I hear the Haitians are starting a Voodoo Doll of the Month Club, in fact.

The trash out slugs still work for “PMS” and “PMS” still works for the banks; as far as I know the elephant noise making realtor is still in the mix too and all of them seem to be supremely happy over their existence together no matter how many lawsuits come their way.  The attorneys right now are doing a jig knowing they’ve put one over another pro per.

A Farewell to Arms

There will always be a special place in my heart for all the defendants and their henchmen.  “Goodnight and Good Luck” and good fucking riddance.  They’ll certainly have no trouble finding other poor innocent folk to foreclose, rob, attack, then fuck over and make “A Fist Full of Dollars” in the process.  That’s the way big bully banks and their idiot mortgage serving companies operate in America.

Remember: coming soon to a bookstore near you: “Home Sweet Home-Foreclosed, A Satirical Look at Bastard Bankers, Foreclosure Forging Fiends and the Goose Stepping Goons That Support Them”.  In the meantime, see you at the cinema!

Author Ginger Marin is an actor, freelance writer and storyteller.  You can also find her on Google+

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