Lotta Reviews: Movie Reviews Site

Drawing attention to my movie reviews archive site LOTTA REVIEWS where I’ve picked up writing reviews again for some select films.

Recent reviews include the beautifully written The Words with Bradley Cooper, Dennis Quaid and Jeremy Irons; Words and Pictures with the fabulous Clive Owen and Juliette Binoche; Nightcrawler well done with Jake Gyllenhaal; The Theory of Everything with the astounding Eddie Redmayne (must see!), The Judge, a terrific drama with Robert Downey Jr and Robert Duvall; Edge of Tomorrow  a terrific action film with Tom Cruise and Emily Blunt, The Rover a good character study starring the inimitable Guy Pearce with Robert Pattinson; Gone Girl with Ben Affleck and Rosamund Pike.  Please have a look around the site.

By Ginger Marin. To learn about her acting, visit Ginger Marin’s IMDB page.

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