Let’s Cure Cancer … OR Not!

The medical establishment should be jumping at the chance to discover alternative and more natural means of treating and curing cancer rather than continuing with its radiation and surgical disfigurement practices touted for the past hundred years.  There are certainly many alternatives out there; all you have to do is google them.

Instead, our government would rather pour taxpayer money into research that will result in huge profits for big corporations, the pharmaceutical companies that patent medicines and then turn around and sell their grossly expensive products back to the government for even greater obscene profits.  Feed the rich and make them fatter.

So when someone comments about those Americans who vote against their own self-interests.  You may want to laugh, give them a good poke and say – “That’s exactly what our intentionally negligent, willful, malicious government does all the time. It’s what we ALL do all the time when we let our government get away with such abuse against the public.

Cure cancer?  Only if BIG PHARMA can make a BIG PROFIT from it.  Meanwhile it’s cut, burn, irradiate, ignore … and oh yeah let us all DIE from a disease which could be curtailed IF ONLY our government stopped feeding the rich corporations, opened its eyes and hearts to alternative cures and the people who painstakingly try to research them and stopped voting against its (OUR) own interests.

Just One Case in Point:  How many women know about breast thermography?  How many medical offices and insurance companies push women to use this safer, better and less expensive diagnostic tool?  Why aren’t all women wearing pink for thermography? – (click both links to discover what it is and how it compares to mammography)

It’s really time for the government to serve us.  Not the other way around.

Article by Ginger Marin. To learn about her acting, visit Ginger Marin’s IMDB page.

3 thoughts on “Let’s Cure Cancer … OR Not!

  1. I agree. Our government couldn’t care less about the people. it’s the corporations that rule everything on the planet and they live to make money for the very rich and screw the rest of us. SO F**ING SAD.

  2. Well of course you’re right plus the fact that our government would rather pour money into the military than anything else.

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