Big Bully Bank Case: Part 13: Complaint Against Judge

On April 2, 2013, I filed a complaint against dagger lady judge with the Commission on Judicial Performance.  Not that I expected anything to come of it, of course, but because it was something that I really felt needed to be done.  That judge was so prejudiced against self-represented parties that I simply had to say something.  In my complaint,  I also cited her refusal to order multiple sanctions against all the defaulting attorneys.

The Commission’s response came on May 18th saying that the judge can do whatever the fuck she pleases.

So why did I, as a self-represented party, have to jump through hoops to follow the court’s bullshit rules and the attorneys didn’t?  Because the whole system is stacked against us.  Judges and attorneys despise us.  Well, the feeling’s mutual.  It’s not the jury that’s rigged.  It’s the legal system.

Starting this past April, courts have been closing down and hours shortened all around the state over the latest “budget crisis”.    The courts claim they simply don’t have the money to operate.  That’s because the judges don’t collect fees from the super rich DEFAULTING ATTORNEYS OF THE BIG BULLY BANKS AND THEIR GOOSE STEPPING GOONS.  Insurance company law firms are earning a bundle from the big bully banks that have ruined our country and clogged the legal system with their fraudulent foreclosures.

The attorney for the two defendant big bully banks in my case, who was hired to mash me into the ground after the banks’ phase 1  attorneys couldn’t get rid of me, told the mediator judge to make sure that I knew that his services cost $90,000.  I think he was on the case for approximately six months.  His fees were over twice as much as the other insurance company attorneys for the banks’ goose stepping goons who were in it from the start.  They too insisted that the mediator judge spill the beans on their ludicrous fees so that I’d shiver in my boots and fold like a limp dick.

Bank whores, that’s what they all are, including dagger lady judge.  They have no self respect so they surely deserve no respect from the rest of us.

Author Ginger Marin is an actor, freelance writer and storyteller.  You can also find her on Google+

7 thoughts on “Big Bully Bank Case: Part 13: Complaint Against Judge

  1. Ms. Marin, thank you so much for your entire series Big Bully Banks which was not only an eye opener but truly funny!

  2. BRILLIANT SERIES – all parts of your big bully bank case. Thank you for posting about the fraud in the mortgage and eviction process and all the people involved who work hard to screw us victims.

  3. Bank whores! I love it. How apt. I too have witnessed blatant disregard of self-represented parties by attorneys and judges. And the judges are supposed to be the arbiters of fairness! HA!

  4. I enjoyed your series on the big bully banks. What is truly sad is that nothing has been done to remedy the big bully bank takeover of the masses and the middle class. The courts are simply feeding the pigs at the trough and our government lines up to feed with them.

  5. Thank you for posting your Big Bully Bank series in your legal blog. I found the entire series to be both humorous and enlightening. As for this last part, you were right to have low expectations about the Commission on Judicial Performance doing anything against the judge in your case. In fact, the Commission will NEVER act against a judge, unless his or her actions are so egregious, maybe on the order of sleeping with opposing counsel and being found out publicly. Acting against a judge would be an indictment of the whole unfair system. Judges have biases like anyone else. One of their biggest is their hatred and intolerance of people who represent themselves in court, something that shows just how ignorant they are of our founding principles.

    It’s a shame you had to go through all the horrors of your case. You can always count on opposing counsel to make what their clients did to you just a walk in the park. Good luck in your future endeavors.

  6. First, thank you for your very enlightening and quite humorous take on how banks are screwing everyone over and how they are being enabled by so many people, companies and the courts themselves. I’ve read all your installments. I do think it is very sad what you went through and the outcome sounds dismal for sure. I think it is unlikely that anything will change for the better as the banks and large corporations pretty much do rule the world and governments do ‘fold as limp dicks’! May you never have to go through such horrors again.

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