Part 8: Big Bully Bank Case: Home Sweet Home-Foreclosed

SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT:  “Home Sweet Home-Foreclosed, A Satirical Look at Bastard Bankers, Foreclosure Forging Fiends and the Goose Stepping Goons That Support Them”  will soon be coming to your neighborhood bookstore (if there are any left) and your favorite tablet device.

Although it’s not been written yet, the book is anticipated to be on the New York Times bestseller list for 24 straight months.

You’ll laugh; you’ll cry; you’ll spit your guts out over the gross stupidity and farce that is the American legal system.  Featuring a cast of characters including, Big Banks, slimy supporters and last but certainly not least, Kern County Superior Court.

But wait, there’s more …. if you pre-order your book today, you’ll get the famous Kawasaki Ginzu knife so you can cut your own throat after reading it.

Proceeds from the book will help fund a docudrama which will be a serious look at … Bastard Bankers, Foreclosure Forging Fiends and the Goose Stepping Goons That Support Them.

Author Ginger Marin is an actor, freelance writer and storyteller.  You can also find her on Google+

3 thoughts on “Part 8: Big Bully Bank Case: Home Sweet Home-Foreclosed

  1. I was trying to get the FREE INFORMATION that I saw on the YouTube Video about “”….Can you tell me where I can find FREE INSTRUCTIONS ON HOW TO SUE THE SOB’S WITHOUT A LAWYER?? I’ve recently been “had”, I’m a single woman recently placed on disability and I AM LIVID ABOUT WHAT THEY’VE DONE TO ME!! Please refer me to some help or free info quick! Thank you!!…..Valerie S. Florida

    1. Dear Poster: I removed your phone and email address from public view to protect you from getting spammed, scammed or worse. I actually took over the website in order to promote my legal blog/pending book. However, I am aware that the previous owner of that site was trying to put together a program on suing without a lawyer.

      Trying to sue banks without a lawyer is very very difficult (if you’ve read all parts of my legal blog, you’d understand) unless you have some legal background and the funds to devote to legal research (which you’d also have to do on your own) since all cases are different and they’ll be hitting you with all sorts of legal precedent and you’ll need to know procedure. This is, of course, precisely what the banks, big corporations and the entire legal industry counts on and as I stated the ACLU (American Civil Liberties Union) does not equate fairness in the legal system with civil liberties.

      I do know from what I’ve read that Florida is another state that got hit hard with foreclosures and fraud in the courts. I can only suggest that you contact your Attorney General — even though you shouldn’t expect help from your state government (they all suck) — and you should try to contact by phone AND letter, your local state representatives. If you can get an actual person interested in your case, maybe he or she will do something on your behalf. I can’t remember right now if Florida was one of the states that jumped on board that so called “big” settlement with some of the banks.

      I remember that some people who have been injured post on YouTube. You may recall the guy who ranted on YouTube about his rights (and body) being violated by airport security. Got lots of hits and I think he got some satisfaction from it.

      I wish I could give you more info. Good luck with your case. If anyone contacts this site with info to help you, I’ll be sure to pass it along to your email.

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