Part 6: Big Bully Bank Case: The Idiot Mortgage Servicing Company

An idiot mortgage servicing company is another one of the lazy-ass defendants in my case.  How lazy are they?  They’re so lazy, they’ll hire the same lazy-ass property management service company over and over again no matter how many times that company’s been sued before.   No, I take it back.  They’re not really lazy at all.  None of them are lazy.  They just don’t care.

I did a search for my bully bank defendants on the web and I discovered so many links related to their various frauds and deceits it would make your head spin.  The various searches brought up 2,770,000 results, 247,000 results, 23,100,000 results.  And searching for “lawsuits” against my defendants brought up 794,000 and 6,590,000 results, respectively.  Zounds!  I mention this to show that news articles and news analyses from national and international news organizations and vicious rants from frustrated individuals galore litter the internet.    I wonder why the banks just don’t sue all these people and organizations to shut them up from saying nasty, funny and true things about them.   I know the attorney for my bank defendants sure does want to shut little ole me up.   It’s not as if anyone is actually listening to me, though.  If that were the case, why I’d be king of the world, or maybe even GOD, and I really could reign down a plague on the houses of my enemies.

The attorney representing the banks told me that the banks would rather pay their attorneys to fight cases than settle with anyone.    The attorneys are making out like bandits and the banks get to write off everything as a giant tax deduction for “legal costs”.  While this pathetic little game goes on, with the help of our state and federal governments, the public gets screwed.

There is a wonderful article on the internet that explains how and why the mortgage foreclosure scam works.

At the same time the idiot mortgage servicing company was foreclosing on my landlord, it was continuing to write him letters telling him about his new fire insurance, the new rates he was going to have after he already had lost his home and even how the servicer had become a new bankIt’s called “dual tracking”, usually it’s stringing the owner along to believe that the company is going to modify his loan while it’s moving full steam ahead to foreclose.  They do it on purpose to confuse the issues.  Alternately, one department doesn’t know or care about what another one is doing.  But you can be sure that it’s the homeowner who gets screwed every time.  If our government wanted fair dealings in the industry, it would gut the fucking industry entirely and start over.  It’s a royal scam. 

The banks and property management company are the biggest of my defendants.  They’ve all been implicated on some level in fraudulent mortgage foreclosures, securities and investment fraud and other illegal actions like trespassing, invasion of privacy, grand theft and conversion related to mistaken or illegal foreclosures by the banks.

Let me not forget to mention once again that the attorney for the banks told me personally that he would get every piece of evidence I have against any of my defendants thrown out before trial.  He also boasted that if he had been assigned to my case months earlier, I wouldn’t have gotten as far as I did with keeping my case active.  Well, he went to law school and I didn’t, so I guess he’d know.  Nevertheless here I am, still alive and treading water, if nothing else.  As I write this, I swear I hear the “JAWS” movie theme playing in the background … and it’s getting louder.

I read a statement on the internet from one of the bully banks’ spokesman saying it holds no responsibility for its illegal actions related to mortgages and foreclosures.  It’s throwing its idiot mortgage servicing company under the bus blaming them instead.

But, so what?  The same attorney is defending both banks.  That way they can just point fingers at one another at trial canceling out the effect of their rampant illegalities.  

Their big defense is to say ‘the other guy did it’.  Then they just go about doing business as usual: securities fraud, mortgage and foreclosure fraud, lying, concealment, illegal eviction, hiring crazy thugs to do their dirty work  … blah, blah, blah.

Author Ginger Marin is an actor, freelance writer and storyteller.  You can also find her on Google+

One thought on “Part 6: Big Bully Bank Case: The Idiot Mortgage Servicing Company

  1. I am afraid nothing will change as far as how banks do business becaause like you say, they are aided and abetted by the government. Banks are guilty of massive fraud on every count imaginable. Yet they’re still in business and thriving. We’re all doomed!

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