Melania Trump, You Never Promised Us a Rose Garden

The only thing we need from Melania Trump at this late date is a copy of her pre-nup.  We don’t want her stinking rose garden makeover. We know the only reason she’s doing this is to dig up the bodies her mobster president-husband, the @realDonaldTrump Twitter-Fritter, buried there in the late night hours between snacking on fried chicken and chili dogs and slurping on high fructose corn syrup. You know — when his secret service agents were drinking and carousing at one of his golf clubs. Melania, please go quietly. Take your shovel and your high-heels and go stomp your way out of the White House and back into Trump Tower. Isn’t that the one your hubby claimed was now the highest in NYC?  You’re so lucky. Oh, what a pretty “Life is Just a Bowl of Cherries” skirt you’re wearing!   Reminds me of the time you wore that green fatigue F.U. jacket with the graffiti “I really don’t care, do U”. — by Ginger Marin

The Rosy Melania Trump No One Needs

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