What Shall Become of Mt. Rushmore?

Ill conceived from the start. On land stolen from the Lakota Sioux, their sacred land, the U.S. government commissioned an anti-Semite, racist, KKK member Gutzon Borglum to deface the natural beauty of the mountain. But it can still be saved.

Instead of the faces of American presidents, this is how we should transform those features:

BisonA Bison: The mighty bison, the spirit of our nation, to remind us that America is sacred land to be protected from all enemies.


A Bear: The powerful bear to remind us that America will always persevere through adversity.


An Eagle: The majestic eagle to remind us that America will always soar high in its ideals and accomplishments.


An Elk: The stalwart elk to remind us that America must always love and protect the land for without it there is no real America.

We should reclaim this monument as soon as Donald J. Trump is gloriously evicted from office, an office he had no right to occupy, an office he has equally defaced every single day of his presidency.

This Land is Our Land. These images would truly represent Our Land, Our Heritage, Our Ideals. Or at least what should be our ideals. This, of course, doesn’t even begin to address land that was stolen, but perhaps it is one compromise we can make.

by: Ginger Marin

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