New Book Release From Ginger Marin

“Adventures in Avalon: An Offbeat & Quirky Adult Bedtime Story” by Ginger Marin was published in paperback on June 24, 2016. The book is also available in Kindle Format and it can be read for free via KindleUnlimited. Click the link to go straight to the Amazon sales page. Description:  Intrepid reporter Ginger Marin discovers a lost civilization of cartoon people living in Middle America, in … Continue reading New Book Release From Ginger Marin

Writers’ Literary Agency Scam Alert

by Ginger Marin This scam alert involves a company operating on the Internet as Writers’ Literary Agency & Marketing Company.  It’s a scam talent agency duping writers into believing that they could get representation through their company and then hits them up for a $95.00 critique fee.  They first lead people to believe that there are two different companies involved, one acting as a talent … Continue reading Writers’ Literary Agency Scam Alert

“There’s a Boy in Here” – Book Coverage

by Ginger Marin The following is book coverage I did long ago for an entertainment company. There’s a Boy in Here: Authors: Judy & Sean Barron SYNOPSIS: This is the story of the BARRON family: from the point of view of mother JUDY and her autistic son SEAN, told in alternate narrations, as much as Sean is able to look back and decipher his early … Continue reading “There’s a Boy in Here” – Book Coverage